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On Goodbox you’ll find many of your trusted businesses you can buy directly from. These businesses are available to accept your order over chat or through their menu. Download the app, search for a particular business or enter your locality and discover your trusted businesses on Goodbox. You can start buying from them in a jiffy. Chat, order and pay. It’s that easy!

You’ll find businesses from 100+ categories on the app. It has become the preferred way of buying for many of our customers. They find it easier to buy on Goodbox than calling or visiting a business in person.

You have the choice to pay them online or by cash. You can pay by credit card, debit card or net banking. The ability to pay all these businesses online helps you avoid the annoyance of providing exact cash change every time. There are times when you wish you could pay online on receiving a delivery at home. You can actually do that now with Goodbox.

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